Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vision Therapy Week 4

Wow what a difference a week can make!!!! Liam had a great week! I think mainly because Dr. G made his therapy more fun and age appropriate. He was also thrilled to not be using the red/green glasses. Dr. G decided that we would focus on strengthening each eye separately so when we make his eyes work together it will be easier for him.

Our 1st exercise was flashlight tag. This was fun for the whole family to do together. Liam enjoyed this one and as the week progressed he was able to follow my flashlight faster and more accurately. It has become a fun game for the two kids to do when stuck inside.

The 2nd exercise was Monocular Accommodative Rock. Liam is patched and has a lens for this exercise. He has to read the pairs of letters within 2 1/2 minutes. Through the week he showed good improvement. 

Here are the results:

Right Eye: 16 pairs
                29 pairs
Left Eye:   29 pairs
                25 pairs

By the end of the week his results were:

Right Eye: 35 pairs
                27 pairs
Left Eye:   33 pairs
                31 pairs

The 3rd exercise we did was Vision Training Star with a Metronome. Liam had to be patched for this exercise with a bean bag on his head to keep it stable. Here are his results:

Right Eye: 45 bpm 
Right Eye: 46 bpm 

Left Eye: 45 bpm 
Left Eye: 46 bpm

End of the week:

Right Eye: 64 bpm
Right Eye: 65 bpm
Right Eye: 65 bpm

Left Eye: 62 bpm
Left Eye: 63 bpm
Left Eye: 64 bpm

As you can see his speed increased a lot and was able to track the Star fairly quickly by the end of the week. 

The 4th exercise we did was called 4 corners. Liam had to stand shoulder distance away from the wall and say the letters out loud. The letters were on four pieces of paper displayed in a box. We timed him for each eye which was patched. His results are as follows:

Right Eye: 3:00
Left Eye: 3:05

End of the week:

Right Eye: 2:27 
Left Eye: 3:11 
Left Eye again: 2:20

The reason I did the left eye a second time was because he had gotten under three minutes the day before so I wanted to see if it was a fluke. Turns out it wasn't.

The 5th exercise we did was Number hitting on wall. I made cards and taped them to the wall and Liam had to slap them in order. He got times for this exercise as well as patched. He loved this one. 


Right Eye: 19 secs
Right Eye: 13 secs

Left Eye: 26 secs
Left Eye: 18 secs

End of the week:

Right Eye: 11.4 secs
Right Eye: 9.4 secs

Left Eye: 10 secs
Left Eye: 9.3 secs

Overall he had some great improvement which is always nice for a parent to see. It keeps me motivated and knowing that we are doing the right thing for him. The best part of this week was the few tantrums we had. Liam got to play trains at Barnes and Noble twice and I got a few minutes to myself to read some books while he played. It was a win win for us this week.

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