Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doterra Wellness Advocate

Hi everyone,
Well I am off on a new adventure. I am going to be a Doterra Wellness Advocate. My goal with becoming an advocate of Doterra oils is to share with people how I improved our family's health on a physical and emotional level. If you are not aware of my son's health issues, he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 2 years and 9 months. Let me tell you that the day he was diagnosed was the day I set out on my journey to heal him. I continue to research and learn about all kinds of alternative and healthy ways to help improve his health. During this journey I have actually changed myself, husband, both children and many other family members along with friends. You will see on this blog that we changed our diet but now I will share with you other things that we have changed in 2014.
I have to admit I was introduced to Doterra oils a few years ago. I went to a class with a friend and was interested but felt I could not afford the oils. I bought one oil called Past Tense and was given a free oil of Wild Orange.  The Past Tense I just used for stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. It works great, but I never researched what else I could use it for. The Wild Orange I use on my kids to calm them down when they are freaking out. Even though I saw some benefit to the two oils I had I still just put it on the back burner.
My friend Kristin called me a month ago and invited me to a get together because she wanted to share how Doterra oils had changed her and her daughters life. I went to her house and was re-introduced to them. I did not buy any that day, but felt a need to start researching. Through my research I found so many positive stories and families that were getting themselves healthier through these oils. Then I bit the bullet and got some peppermint and lavender. My son happen to get sick and I read that peppermint can reduce a fever. So I thought why not? His fever was 102 and I just simply put a drop in my hand and rubbed it on the bottom of his feet.
Within 30 minutes his fever was gone. I was shocked. Normally I would give him Advil which I hate to do because its not good for anyone especially someone with U.C. A couple hours later the fever started to climb back up and I applied the oil again and within 20 mins fever was gone. I got so excited I started looking up what else Peppermint was good for. I read it was good for headaches, so I rubbed it on my forehead that day along with my Past Tense on the base of my neck as well as on Liam for his headache. We waited and snuggled together and sure enough within 15 minutes we both started to feel better. This was the start of my journey with the oils. I called my friend Kristin up and said okay I am on board how do we do this?

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