Saturday, September 21, 2013

9 months on Apriso

Yesterday we went to Liam's GI doctor for a check up. It has been 9 months since Liam started taking Apriso. Lots of things have changed. We no longer have to break the capsule apart and get him to swallow the medicine in one big gulp with juice. He has learned how to swallow the pills. He has also not had any huge flare ups. He has had the occasional stomach pains followed with a day or two of diarrhea but then he gets back to normal. We are learning that certain foods will cause him great pain. He cannot eat any french fries from restaurants. Its not the potato that is the problem but the oil they fry it in. I often will bring fruit and some veggies with us when we go out to eat. We order him a protein like hamburger without the bun, grilled chicken, ribs, or steak to go along with the food I brought.

He has developed a dry cough. Its going on 4 months, but she said we need to just ride it out. I asked if it could be a side effect from the Apriso. She at first said " no I do not believe its from the medicine". But then later said "well I suppose anything can happen from taking a medicine everyday, but its a low percentage." I wonder if it could be a sign of Acid Reflux, but the benefits out way the cough. It also could just be something new he is dealing with since people with Autoimmune diseases often deal with more than just the initial disease itself. So for now we will ride it out and hope his body fights it.

She was very happy with his weight gain and growth. She said he has finally caught up from all the weight he loss over the years. He has also had a huge growth spurt. This says that he is absorbing nutrients and is becoming healthy. Fingers cross this just continues.

We are going to run a few labs and make sure everything looks good. Our goal is for continual good health and flare up free. If we can maintain he will go in for a scope during the Summer of 2014. This made Mike and I very happy. We have a follow up appointment in 3-4 months as long as he continues to do well on the Apriso. So far this mama is happy that her boy is doing so well.

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