Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun Kid Lunch!

So today I asked the kids what they wanted for lunch. Both could not give me an answer, so I said" how about hot dogs?" Both were not thrilled but said "okay". I had not been to the store in a week so pickings were slim. I tried to come up with something fun. I found some sticks and made hot dogs on a stick. Who would have thought they would be such a hit! They devoured them as if they had never had them before. I think this will be a new favorite in our household.

I took 4 nitrate free beef hot dogs from Trader Joe's and boiled them on the stove. Then I heated up the George Foreman Grill up while breaking kabob sticks. Then I stuck the sticks in the hot dogs and grilled them for 2-3 minutes. Put whatever condiment they like on the plate with some fresh fruit and you have an easy fun lunch!

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