Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Order doTERRA essential oils

Three ways to order:

Retail price here. (Please don't pay retail price unless you are purchasing 1 or 2 oils for less than $50; becoming a Preferred Member will save you money if you plan on purchasing more than $50 in product).

Preferred member - Save 20% on the retail price for a one-time $10 membership fee (pays for itself if you purchase $50 or more in product) here.
Wholesale member / consultant - Save 25% on the retail price for a $35 membership fee (pays for itself if you purchase $140 or more in product) here

*Please note that by clicking the “Join as an Independent Consultant” does not require you to sell doTERRA products; it allows you to purchase all doTERRA products at wholesale cost.*

Shipping is generally $9.99 for orders in the US Expedited shipping is also available through FedEx (but will cost more).

If you live in Chico, CA you can purchase doTERRA essential oils directly through me at retail price, if you want to save on shipping costs.

Note: doTERRA ships internationally, including: Australia, Central America, Costa Rica, Europe, United Kingdom, French Polynesia, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Loyalty Rewards Program

doTERRA offers an opportunity for you to get free oils! The longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), the more credits you can earn— up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases! This is a great way to save up for those more expensive oils or when you simply need that emergency oil. All you do is set up your Loyalty Rewards is by purchasing $50 or more of essential oils a month and start earning free points towards your free oils. This is available for preferred customers and wholesale customers / consultants.

Find out more about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program here.

If you have any questions, please email Katie at

I look forward to empowering families helping them improve their physical 
and emotional health with 
essential oils.

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