Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eight Ways to use Essential Oils with Your Kids!

For a Fever

Peppermint! Peppermint Oil can bring down a fever within minutes. When Liam or Savannah run a temperature, we rub some diluted Peppermint Oil up and down their spine and feet. Another way if your kids swallow pills is to put two drops lemon and two drops peppermint in a capsule. Within minutes their fever will come down. No Motrin or Tylenol needed.
For An Upset Tummy/Constipation

DigestZen! This is a blend that is specific to doTERRA, and is fabulous for tummy issues. Upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea – if your child has a tummy ache, this is the good stuff. Rub a drop of DigestZen, along with a carrier oil like Coconut Oil or Olive oil for dilution, onto your child’s tummy. This one is our go to for Liam. It has been working very well on him for all his stomach issues. 

For Sleep
Lavender and Lemon! I love these oils for lots of things, but for sleep its great. Lavender soothes and calms, and Lemon seals the deal. 1 drop of each rubbed into your child’s feet, and they’ll have a peaceful night of sleep. When Savy is having a hard time winding down from her softball games and late nights this stuff does the trick. She no longer comes out saying I can't fall asleep or I am not tired. Sleeping kid equals happy parents.

For Scrapes, Cuts, and Burns and Bites
Lavender, again! Like I said I use it for lots of things. For cuts and scrapes, a blend of both Lavender and Melaleuca is fantastic. Naturally antimicrobial and antiseptic, they can even clean open wounds (the way you would use Neosporin, except with no unnatural ingredients!). These oils are gentle enough that they work to soothe instead of sting, all while healing the wound. Lavender also works great to heal a burn. I put it on Savannah the other day for a scrap right before school. When she got home she said "look mom its almost healed". Her friend had a scrape and she said "my mom has an oil for that". I love that kid. My mom got bit with awful mosquitoes at my child's softball game. The next day they were itchy, red, swollen and she came over and I rubbed Lavender first on all of them. Then we layered with Melaleuca. With time the itch went away. We put it on again and the redness and swelling was a lot less. The next morning I called her to see how she was and if she needed more oil? She said no I am fine, they are healing up really well.

For A Headache

Peppermint again! Peppermint works great for those nasty headaches that kids get. It super easy just put a dab of carrier oil like Coconut Oil or Olive oil for dilution in your hand with a small drop of Peppermint oil. Rub on forehead and back of neck.

For A Sore Throat or Scratchy Throat

Lemon! Lemon oil is a powerful antiseptic and can help soothe a sore throat. I take a spoon and drop a 1/2 teaspoon of raw local honey with a drop of lemon oil and make my kids swallow it. I have done it on Savy and Liam and both say it takes the pain away. I have also warmed water up in a cup and added the honey and lemon oil for a soothing drink. My kids prefer the spoonful over the warm liquid.

For Ear Infections
Basil! Believe it or not, Basil works naturally and effectively to treat ear infections! While you should never put oil directly into the ear canal, rubbing a little Basil around, behind, and on the flat part of the ear can dramatically turn your child’s ear infection around! No expensive doctor’s visit, no antibiotics! I have not tried it yet on my kids, but know quite a few families that say it works very well.

For Teething
White Fir! I have not used this yet. I was thinking of trying it out when my kids complain of their permanent teeth coming in. Put a very small amount of the oil on the tip of the finger (by just touching the open top of the previously used bottle to get less than a drop of oil) and rub it directly on the gum where the tooth is trying to come through.

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Note: I am not a physician. Listed above are some of the ways doTERRA Essential Oils are working for my family. Nothing more. Please consult your physician before deciding to go off of any medication. Also, not all Essential Oils are created equal (meaning doTERRA oils and health food store oils are simply not the same). You should NEVER ingest any oils that are not certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

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